We'll be releasing the Super 4 and OptoSonic one of these days. They are going to be really sweet! Check out the details below.

Super 4

The Super 4 is a fresh approach to the 40 watt guitar amplifier, featuring a quartet of 6V6 power tubes. Designed to eschew excessive features in favor of fantastically simple circuitry, this amp is hand wired with the finest USA made components available. The Super 4 becomes a natural extension of you and your guitar.

The class A/B power section is driven by 4 Tung-Sol 6V6's in an original circuit design, this isn't another copy or clone. With the simple Gain and Master Volume controls, and the stack of 6V6's, you get all the warmth and character of these iconic tubes--but with the tight bottom end and clarity you would expect from their 6L6 cousins. The tone stack features passive bass and treble controls--with the circuit being basically "inactive" when at 12 o'clock. What this means, is when the bass and treble are at "0", it’s just you, your guitar, 6 tubes and two amazing speakers. It’s the purest path between you and your individual tone. This simple design perfectly compliments today's high end effect pedals, and boutique pickups. If you've got killer gear, why suffocate it with complicated circuitry and cheap components?

The solid pine speaker cab rocks a box jointed, closed back cabinet, with a highly ported speaker baffle. This is a resonant cabinet design; and with its ample porting, unlike an open-back cab, the Super 4 amplifier efficiently focuses the majority of its energy directly out the front. The result is an extremely transparent and lively cabinet that beautifully compliments the Super 4 head.....and it’s a Flip Top!

Super 4 Head

  • 4x6V6GT Tung-Sol Tubes
  • 1x12AX7 Mullard and 1x12AT7 Mullard pre-amp tubes
  • Solid State Rectifier
  • Mercury Magnetics custom wound input and output transformers
  • PEC military spec potentiometers
  • Controls: Master Bass Treble Gain
  • Passive "James" tone circuit
  • Negative Feedback switch for more headroom
  • Custom built .080" aluminum chassis
  • 4,8,16 ohm speaker outs

2x12 Cabinet

  • 2 Austin Speaker Works KTS-70 Speakers
  • Wired in series at 16 ohm's
  • Box jointed solid Pine cabinet
  • Resonant cabinet dead weight here!
  • Lacquer finish
  • Highly ported Baltic Birch speaker baffle


The OptoSonic brings studio quality feedback compression to the instrument level. From mild compression to percussive overshoot, the OptoSonic adds a creamy sustain to any electric instrument. This proprietary circuit is especially suited for guitar, but along with this, Rhodes piano, steel guitars, and Clavs are brought to life by the OptoSonic.


  • Hand wired, all tube signal path
  • Controls: Make up Gain Sensitivity Compression Depth
  • Light Dependent Resistor gain control element
  • 12AX7 pre-amp gain stage, 12AU7 output buffer, 12AX7 detector circuit, EL84 bulb driver.
  • Feedback control circuitry with automatic attack
  • Smooth release without any step up transient notes
  • Custom built .080" aluminum chassis
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Engineered, built, and assembled in the USA

The OptoSonic is the product of over a year of research into the earliest origins of compressor technology. Borrowing from the classic tube compressors of such greats as Teletronix, the OptoSonic offers studio quality tube compression anywhere you play. The OptoSonic adds a rich bite to Rhodes piano and percussiveness to guitar along with sustain and tightness.


Want to be the first to get a Super 4 or OptoSonic? Give us a shout out and we’ll put you on the list.