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Welcome to Cole Music Company. We are a full service fretted instrument repair shop in Spokane, WA; with a passion for vintage and boutique gear, serving fine musicians and barroom pickers since 1968.

We’ve worked on everything from Stradivarius’ to the most cherry vintage electric axes you can imagine, and everything in between. We have a passion for vintage repair work and an unflinching obsession with boutique guitar gear.

We buy and sell gear daily, so our stock is always changing. And while it is impossible for us to list all our inventory on our website, we have picked some of our favorites for you to check out. Please take a look at our photo section to see some of the cool, funky, and rare guitars we have had come through the store.  

If you don’t see what your looking for, feel free to email, or call 509-244-3001, as we just may have what you're looking for! And remember-we are always looking for quality used instruments for purchase or consignment!

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Guitar Repairs

Whether you are a professional musician, or a beginner, you know that the only way to become proficient at your instrument is to practice. Electric guitar repair, bass guitar repair and acoustic guitar repair is no different. To truly master the craft it takes many, many years of training and hands on experience. For over 15 years I have made my living as a luthier. This is how I support myself; this isn’t a hobby, this isn’t a side hustle, this is my career, and this is why Cole Music Co. is the most trusted repair shop in the Inland Pacific Northwest.

There is a misconception in the guitar world that being a good player means you must be knowledgeable about guitar repair and maintenance. Oftentimes I hear someone say something like “my uncle has been playing guitar for 30 years, he can fix my instrument” Well, by that standard I have been driving automobiles for 25 years, but that certainly doesn’t make me an auto mechanic!

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My History

I grew up around musical instruments; My father was a luthier and I have played various instruments since I was six years old. Before retiring, my dad was well known in the classical instrument world as a master luthier and a restoration expert. It was under his tutelage that I learned the art of lutherie. From the basics of using hand tools, to the physics of instrument construction and design, I was extremely fortunate to train for years under the watchful eye of a master craftsman. It is this legacy that I continue with the repair department at Cole Music Co.

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Hours of operation

We are open for drop off with our repair department Wednesdays and Saturdays from noon to 5pm.  

If you have any questions , please Email me, or call the store and leave a message with a number I can text you at.

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