We’re working on releasing 3 new pedals too! 


Pulling inspiration from some of the classic overdrive footprints, the OD-X takes these iconic tones and polishes them up for the current market. Using dual op-amps for maximum clarity, two clipping stages for the ultimate in touch sensitivity, and a parametric eq for infinite adjustability, the OD-X offers tone and versatility like no other.

Germanium Jackson

An overdrive/distortion with all the gain and character associated with the iconic Germanium transistor. Not many builders do a Germanium based pedal, we had to give a go and it’s testing fantastically right now.


Super clean MOSFET (possibly JFET) clean boost/overdrive. This is most likely an "always on" pedal at the front of your signal chain. Clean, sparkly, boost perfect for vintage and low wind pickups. Or for use as a clean solo boost.

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