Picture of Carter, guitar instructor at Cole Music co, in a blue vest.

Get amazing guitar lessons in-house from our resident instructor, Carter Hudson.

Carter Hudson is a musician and songwriter based out of Spokane, WA. His most recent singles feature a folk-Americana sound that has paved the way to the soul, blues, and rock style permeating his current performances and writing. Tasteful guitar playing and intimate lyrics are at the heart of his music. With an emphasis on improvisation, the energy of his performances is tangible, inviting, and contagious. Carter performs weekly with his band at Zola in downtown Spokane, in addition to various other venues and private events both solo and full band. You can find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming platform.

He has been a private guitar instructor for over five years, with a unique approach that addresses the individuality of each student. Holding a music degree from Whitworth University, he has experience in both jazz and classical guitar education. He can teach any style of guitar playing and any age of student, always with the aim of instilling an enjoyment of the instrument and a desire to keep learning. Carter makes the guitar approachable and helps each student achieve their musical goals. In addition to private lessons at Cole Music Company, he teaches elective music classes in the Mead School District.

$25/30 min lesson
$35/40 min lesson
$45/50 min lesson

Contact Carter to schedule lessons at ‭(805) 722-0790‬ or by email at 


Carter on stage outside of giving guitar lessons.